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Overcoming The Odds: Austin-Based Nonprofit Sets Veteran Entrepreneurs Up For Success.

Walden University recently came out with a study that shows two of the top 5 reasons businesses fail early on are a lack of funds and web presence - aka no money for quality branding and marketing. That’s where Victor + Valor™ comes in.

At Victor + Valor™, we are passionate about serving active duty and retired military and their immediate families to create profitable brands and businesses. We do this through an online community and resources focusing on both personal and professional development, providing branding and marketing consultations, strategies, and asset deliverables like websites, photography, copywriting, package design, etc., as well as professional training in sought-after branding and marketing niches for people looking for a new career path.

Founded by 25-year international awarding branding and marketing expert Ali Craig, Victor + Valor™ aims to deliver elite-level branding and marketing services free of charge to all United States active duty and retired military and their immediate families.

Craig says, “Victor + Valor™ was born out of the struggle Isaw when it came to military families making it in the entrepreneurial world. From great business ideas simply failing because the wrong branding/ marketing strategy was in place to the partners left at home struggling to make ends meet. Victor + Valor™ wants to connect you with the right experts, give you the tools that work, create the assets of your business, and train you to succeed.”

You can find out more information about Victor + Valor™ at

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