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Publishing the Stories about and for the military, veterans, and their families

Author L. Todd Kelly

We Believe That Words Change The World

Victor + Valor™ Publishing is the boutique, indie publishing house arm of the Through our publishing venture, Victor + Valor™ is dedicated to helping military, veterans, and their families leverage their stories to create the success-driven and transformational platforms they desire.

No matter if you are a Veteran sharing your story, a military spouse sharing their professional brilliance - our holistic approach isn’t just about getting your story out there, it is about getting your story out there in a way that maximizes the impact on the reader as well as your personal brand.

Books Launching in 2024

Victor + Valor™ Publishing is proud to announce that our first book being released in 2024 is Worth Dying For: Sacrifice, Success, and Submitting To Life's Greatest Truth by author and former Marine, L. Todd Kelly. 

Image by Samuel Branch
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