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Partners. People. Passion. Profits.​

How We Can Do So Much With So Little

3 key things make our work successful and maximize your donations:

  • We have industry-leading volunteers giving their all and best practices.

  • Hours of courses, lives, professional training, and work models, all 100% donated by our founder’s for-profit businesses.

  • We are always actively seeking corporate partners who donate the software, computers, and other resources we need to serve both our clients and students.

Volunteers Are Life

Our volunteers are everything. From mentors to mastermind leaders to service providers, these industry experts are the heartbeat of our work here at Victor + Valor™. And though without them, our work would be greatly limited, we only accept true business experts.


  • Mentors

Our mentors work 1/1 with the brands receiving consulting and deliverable services. These guided mentorships are designed to encourage, inspire, and guide the brands as they quickly evolve both personally as well as professionally. 

  • Mastermind Leaders

Our mastermind leaders facilitate teams of 10-12 entrepreneurs who are looking for a deeper community and want to grow their businesses consciously.

  • Service Providers

From website design to app building, video editing, professional photography, graphic design, copywriting, and so much more - we are always looking for industry experts who want to create dynamic brands for our very deserving members.

Image by Scott Graham

Business Collaborations

It is only through our corporate collaborations that we can offer all our services free. From 24/7/365 chaplain services available to all members to supplying all supplies needed for professional training, our corporate collaborations are everything. 

We are currently looking for laptop donations for our professional training students as well as business, designer, branding, and marketing software.

We can't do it alone

From design experts to partnerships with national companies, we need support to build these brands that people buy. Below are the 3 main ways you can help us serve these brave men and women.

Donate your time

If you want to donate your time and professional expertise, please complete the form via the button below.

donate Business Assets

Does your business off a digital or tangible product that serves business people? If so, and you would like to make a donation please complete the form via the button below.

Donate Financially

Have a heart for the men and women who have given so much for our great nation? Want to help them succeed in their new careers? Click the “Donate” button to make an instant donation.

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