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Community that helps you cash in

Your military service has primed you to know the power of community. Yet you enter the entreprunriaul world of solo and where few people truly want your success. That’s where we come in.

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on a good day

On a good day, being an entrepreneur can be a lonely road. From all decisions on your shoulders to every task stopping with you. Sometimes you simply need real-world advice, an mind to bounce an idea off of, and merely the motivation to just keep going.

Being part of the Victor + Valor™ Community

As part of the Victor + Valor™ community, you receive

  • Be part of our Monthly live training calls (first Wednesday of the month at 6pm EST)

  • The ability to have your questions answered during our live Q+A sessions (third Wednesday of the month at 6pm EST)

  • Access to our ever-growing library of e-courses answering your entrepreneurial questions

  • Connect via email, text, call, or video chat with one of our chaplains through the MyChap app any time of the day

  • Apply to be part of a mastermind group where you join 10-12 like-minded entrepreneurs to discuss goals, challenges, and life lessons

  • Connect with fellow members on our private forum and be part of our daily business discussions and challenges

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Members + All The Details

Victor + Valor Community is open to all active duty, retired U.S. Military, their partners, and children between 18-25 years old completely free of charge. (We cannot accommodate our younger entrepreneurs at this time within the community, but we are working on it.)


This online community is available to your 24/7/365. So no matter where you are, your entrepreneurial community is here. Come and go as you, please. Just know where are always there for you and your entrepreneurial success.

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