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Victor + Valor™ is a nationwide nonprofit passionate about serving the military community in an underserved manner - living the American dream - entrepreneurialism.

We do this with our online community, mastermind, and mentorship groups led by industry experts and successful entrepreneurs in their own rights,  branding/marketing consultations, and asset creations, to train these fantastic people in sought-after marketing careers. Victor + Valor™ helps these men, women, and their families create profitable brands and businesses completely free of charge.

let's face the facts

  • Veterans were more than 45% more likely to start their own businesses than those who never served in the military. (Source: SBA)

  • One in ten US businesses is veteran-owned. (Source: SBA)

  • Out of the more than 20 million veteran business owners in the U.S., an estimated 8.3% have a service-related disability. (Source: SBA)

  • Veteran-owned firms had sales/receipts of $1.220 trillion, 5.793 million employees, and an annual payroll of $210 billion. (Source: US Census Bureau’s Survey of Business Owners)

  • Depression affects 20% of veterans. (Source: Medical News Today) But “Having a purpose in life may motivate reframing stressful situations to deal with them more productively, thereby facilitating recovery from stress and trauma.” (Source: National Institutes Of Heath)

  • Veterans with low vocational training are at higher risk of worsening mental health. (Source: Factors impacting work success in Veterans with mental health disorders)

Why Victor + Valor

Here at Victor + Valor™, we serve the active duty and retired military and their immediate families to create profitable brands and businesses in three main ways.


Our Victor + Valor™ community is open to all the people we serve. As part of our community, you receive:

Victor + Valor™ in the media

meet our founder

Over the last two decades, 74x international award-winning brander and founder/CEO of Victor + Valor™, Ali Craig, has taught entrepreneurs and sales professionals how to own their brands while building better businesses.

Unapologetic, bold, and real-world relational, Ali Craig takes large neuro-marketing and psychographic concepts and turns them into relatable and implementable ideas. With her proven real-world concepts - Ali’s methods work whether you build a business or your book of business.

This 3x best-selling author transforms and tailors her message to every audience and organization’s needs creating memorable and motivational experiences every time.

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