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Service and success in a new way

Practical. Logistical. Real World.

Through the Victor + Valor® professional training series, our goal is to birth new careers in fields that are sought after in today's marketplace as well as in the future. Our 8-20 week courses are designed to give you the foundational knowledge, real-world experience, and creative thinking perspective needed to succeed.

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Setting Up for Success

Each student accepted into the Victor+ Valor™ program receives:

  • Access to professional development training focusing on creating a successful career within an organization or as a freelance expert in the marketing and branding fields

  • All the hardware and software needed to succeed in your chosen industry for your training time and beyond

  • Education from industry experts with years of experience and client know-how

  • 1/1 guidance for your future as well as the information being taught

  • Support in finding a corporate job or having everything you need to be a freelance success with your own business

  • Walk away with an industry sought after a portfolio of your work designed to open doors wherever you want to go

  • Be part of the private training forum where you can converse with your fellow and former students, industry experts, and trainer

  • Continued support long after your course ends for yourself and your new career (yes, we are here for you when you run into those real, real-world questions)

  • Receive professional certificates from both Victor + Valor™ and the National Entrepreneurial Branding Marketing Conservatory™ (NEBMC™)

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what makes us different

The Victor + Valor® professional training are different because they are designed and led by real-world experts who know the skills you will need to succeed in the marketplace. Because of the live nature (vs. online courses) of our program, we tailor the course projects to the type of work each student wants to explore. This allows each student to leave with a portfolio of work designed to attract their target audience or organization. 


Also, throughout the course, we work 1/1 with each student to vet what career path they want: corporate or entrepreneurial. We help them create everything they need to land their desired job, whether a great resume and interview skills or a killer website promoting their offerings. Each student leaves with everything they or need to succeed in their new career.


Our professional trainings are free of charge to any Victor + Valor® members.

To get started,

  • Click the link below to log into your Victor + Valor® account, complete the training application. This will lead you to schedule your 45 minute interview.

  • During this 45-minute meeting, one of our Victor + Valor® team members will get to know you, your goals and see if you are a right fit for the career path and training modules.

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the fine print

Students can be removed from the program anytime for lack of participation or disruption. Course success is not guaranteed, and all courses are graded based upon our grading rubric (See our grading rubric here.)

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