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Why do most businesses fail?

It isn’t because your idea is “bad,” or that your audience doesn’t exist or that the money isn’t there. Businesses don’t usually fail because of a lack of passion, knowledge, or need. Businesses fail because the visual and verbal message isn’t clear to your audience on what you do, why they need you, and how you solve their problem. 


In short, your copy, website, social media, and selling pieces suck.


Now, none of this is your fault per se. Because what made you great in the military is what hinders you from connecting and communicating with your audience.  And let’s be honest, the costs of creating these pieces can bottom a new business bank account fast.

Know Thy Industry

A quick Google search will show you the following:

  • Brand Development will run you $5,000 - $80,000

  • Logo development and design $750 - $3500

  • Visual Identity creation costs $5,000 - $75,000

  • Website building and design  $2,000 - $200,000

  • Name Development $15,000-$75,000

  • Copy Writing $800-$2500 (per page)


But that’s where we come in.

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we are your creative experts (so, you don’t have to be)

We walk the line between being an outside branding, marketing, production, publishing, event, and PR agency and a member of your in-house creative department. We don’t minimize or replace the talent you already have. Instead, we fill in the skill gaps and offer guidance.

We challenge your thinking and inject a new perspective, that sparks big ideas. As your “in-house” creative leader we boost the skills of your entire team by creating a concise visual and verbal message that everyone wants to get behind. And with our production, publishing, and event experience, all with a PR edge, we know how to get your work seen by your audience, influencers, and the media at large.

you and victor + valor™

Our team of branding, marketing, graphic design, copywriting, website design, photo and video production, editing, and so much more are here for you. We can help you go from no logo to branded packaging and sales pieces quickly.


Brand asset creation takes time. This 3-8 month process is executed at the same level of standard that our founder’s elite customers receive. No corners are cut.

We currently offer the following deliverables.

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You know you are the best, but standing out is a massive struggle. We use neuroscience, neuro-human branding, and the art of relationships to create intelligent influence, income, and increase exposure with your ideal audience by using your professional edge to your advantage. This means no more games and just great visuals that sell your audience on your offer.

  • Print Collateral and Packaging

  • UX/CX Design

  • Brand Storytelling

  • Copy Writing

  • Photoshoot and Videoshoot Production

  • Website Framing, Design, and Development

  • App Framing, Design, and Development


No matter what size your production may be or what method you are creating - it is our job to make your story strong and successful. We believe that no matter the medium - be it film, television, events, or just a great social media sequence - the stories we tell, big and small, build the greater story of who we are to our audiences. These stories are more than snapshots of who we are; they are the foundational pieces to the relationships of our lives.

  • Series Strategy and Production

  • Television Shows, Series, and Specials

  • Award-Winning Documentaries and Reality-TV

  • Web Series and Shows

  • On-Location Production

  • Video Production and Editing

  • Promotional Videos

  • Show / Specials Promotion and Marketing

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Telling a great story is one thing. Telling a great story that converts, transforms, and turns hearts from an idea into action is entirely different. We know that whole body and mind conversion storytelling is what makes award-winning television and specials, but it also is excellent marketing.

  • Launch and Sales Strategies

  • CRM Funnels

  • Customer Experience Strategies

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies and Content

  • Event and Launch Promotional Items and Event Strategies

  • Media One Sheets

  • Marketing Packages


We understand your message needs to be birthed into the world with elegance, accolades, and speed. Our process is designed for entrepreneurial and thought leaders whose passions need a little push, press, and some publishing know-how.


Our 8-month publication process is designed to maximize creation, design, marketing, and media for our author's advantage. We offer creative, branding, marketing, and media support throughout the entire process and beyond.

  • Book and Magazine Strategy

  • Print /Digital Magazine Editing and Publishing

  • Traditional Publishing

  • Co-Author Publishing

  • Manuscript Editing and Layout

  • PR, Marketing, and Book Tour Promotions

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As with everything we do, Victor + Valor™ members never pay for our services. If your brand is grossing under $250,000 annually, click the link below to log into your Victor + Valor™ account, and then click the link to set up an initial consult with one of our team members.


During this, they will get to know you, your business, your needs, and your dreams. From there, you will be connected with your brand strategist, who, alongside, you will map out what assets your brand needs and begin the process of building up your business.

the fine print

Once approved to receive brand assets, your work begins. Yep, building a successful brand is a profoundly personal experience. And because we want to do everything we can to see you succeed, we require all brands receiving asset creation to:

  • Complete both our personal and professional development series (available to you online through your member’s portal)

  • Have a minimum of two mentorship meetings per month with your entrepreneurial member

  • Actively participate in the review and approval process of all assets

  • And take action (like creating social media accounts, changing bio copy, etc) as needed/agreed to between you and your branding expert

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