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An Austin Based Non-Profit That Has Veteran Owned Businesses’ Six

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 50% of all small businesses fail within the first five years. These failures occur because of three main factors: (1) Lack of a Coordinated, Integrated Marketing Plan, (2) Lack of In-House Expertise, and (3) Misaligned Financial Interests, according to Sales

Victor + Valor™ is here to change all that. Victor + Valor™, a nonprofit based out of Austin, Texas but serving U.S. active duty, veterans, and their families worldwide, brings a full creative agency to these men, women, and their businesses. With industry-recognized experts leading the way, Victor + Valor™ offers a full service of continued support from strategy to asset creation.

Designed to be all-inclusive and fully supportive, Victor + Valor™ focuses on the health of the entrepreneur and the business by offering personal and professional support from e-courses to chaplains, masterminds, and one-on-one mentorships to help guide the entrepreneur all along the way.

Founded by 25-year international awarding branding and marketing expert Ali Craig. Craig says, “ Victor + Valor™ is designed to be a fully immersive experience for everyone we serve for a lifetime. We aren’t a one-and-done service. We are happy to stand alongside these amazing men and women offering support, guidance, education, and deliverables for as long as they want.”

You can find out more information about Victor + Valor™ at

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