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Welcome to the Victor + Valor™ family. Our passion is to serve the military community in an underserved manner - the entrepreneurial dream. 
As a Victor + Valor™ professional training “school house” student, you will receive both classroom and real-world experience designed to give you the logistics needed to succeed in your chosen branding/marketing modality and the relational and business skills needed. 

In addition to this professional training experience, you will have access to the entire Victor + Valor™ community, including our online resources, mastermind and mentorship groups, branding/marketing consultations, and asset creations.
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Scope of Work

The Victor + Valor™ professional training are different because they are designed and led by real-world experts who know the skills you will need to succeed in the marketplace. Because of the live nature (vs. online courses) of our program, we tailor the course projects to the type of work each student wants to explore. This allows each student to leave with a portfolio of work designed to attract their target audience or organization. 


Also, throughout the course, we work 1/1 with each student to vet what career path they want: corporate or entrepreneurial. We help them create everything they need to land their desired job, whether a great resume and interview skills or a killer website promoting their offerings. Each student leaves with everything they or need to succeed in their new career.

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Grading Rubric

Our trainings are designed to be intensive. Besides a few quizzes to show an understanding of the basic information, our courses are graded during jury classes.


Jury classes are where students present their work to their fellow students, “client,” and a jury of experts. This model is designed to test the student's ability to properly articulate their ideas and solution to their case study client’s problem as well as create all necessary visuals to express their thought process. 

More about our grading rubric can be found here


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