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Welcome to the Victor + Valor™ family. Our passion is to serve the military community in an underserved manner - the entrepreneurial dream. 
As a Victor + Valor™ professional training “school house” student, you will receive both classroom and real-world experience designed to give you the logistics needed to succeed in your chosen branding/marketing modality and the relational and business skills needed. 

In addition to this professional training experience, you will have access to the entire Victor + Valor™ community, including our online resources, mastermind and mentorship groups, branding/marketing consultations, and asset creations.
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Scope of Work

The Victor + Valor™ professional training are different because they are designed and led by real-world experts who know the skills you will need to succeed in the marketplace. Because of the live nature (vs. online courses) of our program, we tailor the course projects to the type of work each student wants to explore. This allows each student to leave with a portfolio of work designed to attract their target audience or organization. 


Also, throughout the course, we work 1/1 with each student to vet what career path they want: corporate or entrepreneurial. We help them create everything they need to land their desired job, whether a great resume and interview skills or a killer website promoting their offerings. Each student leaves with everything they or need to succeed in their new career.

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  • Is your organization a 501c3?
    Yes, Victor + Valor™ received its 501c3 status in March 2023. Warrior Brands D/B/A Victor + Valor™ EIN 92-2797069.
  • What is your organization’s mission?
    Our mission here at Victor + Valor™ we are passionate about helping active duty and retired military and their immediate families create profitable brands and businesses. We strive to: Create a clear growth-focused business direction through strategies and implementation Design visual elements from marketing to packaging to express your brand’s vision and transformation Offer strategic business guidance that offers clear execution Develop your everyday business knowledge and marketing skills to increase your conversions while minimizing your learning curve. Develop a solid holistic brand focus from systems to strategies, visuals to verbals, for your business's front and back of the house. Be your brand mentor to help guide you through all phases of your business’ growth. Train you in understanding the biological, psychological, sociographic, and subconscious relationships necessary to create a profitable brand/audience relationship.
  • Where does the money go when I donate to your organization?
    Over 90% of all donations go directly to working and serving the active duty and retired military and their immediate families to create profitable brands and businesses. From access to chaplains 24/7/365, monthly live training, to brand asset creation to providing laptops and all necessary software our professional training students need for success while in school and later - we strive to set our members up for ultimate success. Your donations make all of this possible.
  • Who runs the organization?
    Our fantastic volunteer board members oversee the overall mission of Victor + Valor™. While the everyday and creative endeavors are covered by our CEO and founder, Ali Craig.
  • How can I partner with the organization?
    There are many ways to partner with Victor + Valor™, from volunteering your professional services, and business assets, to financial support. You can find all the ways we can partner together at
  • How can I donate to your organization?
    Donations can be made one time or monthly online or by mail. All details can be found at
  • What is your tax ID number?
    Victor + Valor™ is a DBA for Warrior Brands, Inc. Warrior Brands, Inc tax id number is 92-2797069.
  • Can I donate if I live outside of the United States?
    We accept donations from around the world via all major credit cards.
  • What is the Victor + Valor™ Community?
    Your military service has primed you to know the power of community. Yet you enter the entrepreneurial world of solo, where only some people truly want your success. That’s where we come in.
  • How do I join?
    You can join the Victor + Valor™ by signing up at
  • Who can be members of the Victor + Valor™ community?
    Victor + Valor™ Community is open to all active duty, retired U.S. Military, their partners, and children between 18-25 years old completely free of charge. (We cannot accommodate our younger entrepreneurs at this time within the community, but we are working on it.) This online community is available to your 24/7/365. So, no matter where you are, your entrepreneurial community is here. Come and go as you please. Just know where are always there for you and your entrepreneurial success.
  • What resources are available to the community?
    As part of the Victor + Valor™ community, you receive Be part of our Monthly live training calls (first Wednesday of the month at 6pm EST) The ability to have your questions answered during our live Q+A sessions (third Wednesday of the month at 6pm EST) Access to our ever-growing library of e-courses answering your entrepreneurial questions Connect via email, text, call, or video chat with one of our chaplains through the MyChap app at any time of the day. Apply to be part of a mastermind group where you join 10-12 like-minded entrepreneurs to discuss goals, challenges, and life lessons. Connect with fellow members on our private forum and be part of our daily business discussions and challenges.
  • How do I log in?
    You can always reach the Victor + Valor™ by logging in at
  • What can I expect from the monthly live trainings?
    Our live monthly trainings are created on real-world topics that entrepreneurs like yourself asked us to cover. Each training is 30-45 minutes long and offers the opportunity to have your questions answered at the end. All trainings are archived within 72 hours, airing live, and can be founded in the e-course section once signed in as a community member.
  • What are the live Q+A meetings like?
    At Victor + Valor™ Q+A meetings, we answered questions submitted to us. We also offer live hot seat coaching for community members who have requested such support. Submit your questions and hot seat requests at
  • Is there a charge to be part of the Victor + Valor™ Community?
    There is zero charge for our active duty/ retired military, their partners, or children between 18-25 years old to be part of the community.
  • How is my data being used?
    We never share or sell your information. Period. More about how your data is stored can be found in our Terms of Service (, Privacy Policy ( and Community Agreement ( pages.
  • This isn’t for me. How do I unsubscribe?
    We are sorry to see you go, but we understand that the Victor + Valor™ Community isn’t for everyone. Once logged in, you can cancel your subscription by going to the member icon on the upper right side of the screen, clicking the pull-down, and heading to “subscriptions.” Once there, simply cancel your subscription.
  • What are the rules?
    The latest Victor + Valor™ community standards and rules can be found at
  • I just received a message that is concerning. What do I do?
    Your safety is our top priority. Please screenshot any content you find concerning and complete the Community Standards form that can be found at
  • Are you GDPR compliant?
    Yes, we are GDPR compliant as you can opt out of our communications at any time, are in complete control of your membership, and we never sell or share your information with anyone.
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Grading Rubric

Our trainings are designed to be intensive. Besides a few quizzes to show an understanding of the basic information, our courses are graded during jury classes.


Jury classes are where students present their work to their fellow students, “client,” and a jury of experts. This model is designed to test the student's ability to properly articulate their ideas and solution to their case study client’s problem as well as create all necessary visuals to express their thought process. 

More about our grading rubric can be found here


want to be in our next professional training series?

Then set up your entry meeting with the Victor + Valor™ team.

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