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New Service.
New success.

successful years of service was only the start.

You’ve excelled in your military career and are now looking for success in the entrepreneurial marketplace. Your military skills easily translate into the skills needed to succeed in the entrepreneurial market. But those logistical skills and logical thinking don't equate to the visual acuity required to create a powerful brand and marketing experience.

That’s where we come in.

Here at Victor + Valor™, we are passionate about your entrepreneurial success. From being part of our entrepreneurial community to have our industry experts consult, strategize and create brand assets (i.e., logo design, website design, copywriting, social media strategy, package design, etc) at no cost for you to professional training in the top branding and marketing niches. 


Whether you have an idea for a side hustle or need help to make your existing brand work, we offer guidance, support, and practical branding assets. We are here to support you throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

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Your service. serving you.

Everything we offer here at Victor + Valor™ is free of charge to active duty or retired U.S. military, their partners, and children under the age of 25.

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Our Victor + Valor™ community is open to all the people we serve. As part of our community, you receive:

  • Access to our entrepreneurial, branding, marketing, and personal development ecourses

  • Join us live or watch the recordings of our monthly training and Q and A Sessions

  • Be part of the conversation in our private community forum with new daily content and prompts to keep you moving in the right direction

  • Access to the MyChap app gives you 24/7/365 access to a trained chaplain for any reason

  • The ability to be part of a private mastermind group helping you actively grow your business while inspiring and supporting you

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In addition to the Victor + Valor™ community of resources, when you are selected to receive branding/business/marketing consultation and services, you and your business receive:

  • Unlimited business consultations

  • Creation of deliverables needed (ie, photo and video shoot production, website development, brand naming, copywriting, etc)

  • Be paired with a mentor to receive 1/1 guidance and support for where you and your business are now and where you want to be

  • Access to our in-depth personal and professional development series designed to develop yourself and your business skills simultaneously

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As a student in our professional development series, you will:

  • Access to professional development training with a focus on creating a successful career within an organization or as a freelance expert in the marketing and branding fields

  • Be taught by industry experts with years of experience and client know-how

  • 1/1 guidance for your future as well as the information being taught

  • Support in finding a corporate job or having everything you need to be a freelance success with your own business

  • Walk away with an industry sought after a portfolio of your work designed to open doors wherever you want to go

  • Be part of the private training forum where you can converse with your fellow and former students, industry experts, and trainer

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From struggle to success

Victor + Valor was born out of the struggle our founder, Ali Craig, saw when it came to military families making it in the entrepreneurial world. 


From great business ideas simply failing because the wrong branding/ marketing strategy was in place to the partners left at home struggling to make ends meet. Victor + Valor wants to connect you with the right experts, give you the tools that work, create the assets of your business, and train you to succeed.

all soldiers aren't

created equal


Just like not all soldiers aren't created equal, the same holds for branding and marketing “experts.” And to be honest with you, it was the shoddy work that tends to be given to active duty and retired military that simply pissed our founder Ali Craig off. 


We’ve heard it time and time again. The current resources in the “entrepreneurial” space when you are separating from your military branch- don’t prepare you for the real world. (And from what we have seen, create inferior work that will have your business struggling.) We deliver to you the same level of excellence that our founder provides within her 25+ year businesses.  If we can’t do it with excellence. We don’t do it.

Image by Joel Rivera-Camacho

we got your business' 6.

We want to help you take your vision and translate it into visuals and verbals that capture the eye of your audience. We do this through branding and marketing consults, strategies, asset creation as well as professional training. We got your 6 when it comes to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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