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App Design And Development

Modules of Capabilities

  • Foundations

    • The Basics of App Development 

    • Developing an In App Experience 

    • The Details of Your App 

  • Client Logistics 

    • The Project Process 

    • Running Your Web Design and Development Practice 

  • Real World Business

    • Creating an online newsfeed / OTS platform 

    • Building an online shop/food delivery service app 

    • Designing an in-app community experience

    • Creating a service-based app 

Training Week By Week

The Basics of App Development (Week 1)
  • Custom vs Semi-custom

  • More than just shopping

  • The Metaverse and your app

  • IOS and Android platforms basic

  • Web-based vs mobile-based

Developing an in App experience (Week 2)
  • Psychographics, psychology, and subconscious desires of the end user

  • The end experience in mind

  • Creating a structure that makes sense

  • How to lead mobile app projects by making good architecture decisions and helping others on your team

  • UI/UX principles.

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The details of your App (Week 3)
  • Stripe Payments (online payments) integration in your mobile apps

  • Google Maps API and adding interactive maps to your projects

  • Understand the industry-accepted professional and ethical behavior.

The Project Process (Week 4)
  • Vetting your project/clients

  • Setting expectations

  • Asset collection

  • Understanding your workflow process

  • Contracts

  • Signoffs and revisions

  • Going Live

  • Add-ons and continued work

  • Pricing for independent projects 

  • Working with other experts

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Image by Balázs Kétyi
Running Your APP Design and Development Practice (Week 5)
  • Your design style and vision

  • Choosing the right platform to specialize in

  • Understanding your client's psychographics

  • Style vs. Audience Niche

  • Pricing that is right for you

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Image by abillion
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Real World Business

During this section, we will be working with “real” clients with their strategy presentations happening during Jury class at the end of each week.

  • Creating an online newsfeed / OTS platform (Week 6)

  • Building an online shop/food delivery service app (Week 7)

  • Designing an in-app community experience (week 8)

  • Creating a service-based app (Week 9)

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