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Website Design And Development

Modules of Capabilities

  • Foundations

    • Website Basics​

    • Understanding Website Structures

  • Client Logistics 

    • Being a Web Design Expert

    • Website Psychology 

    • The Project Process

    • Web Design and Development Practice

  • Real World Business

    • Building a personal brand website 

    • Designing a service-based website 

    • Creating a community and ecourse structured experience (

    • Building a small business website 

    • Creating an industry leader website 

    • Designing your online portfolio 

Training Week By Week

Website Basics
(Week 1)
  • Website style types

  • 3 key platforms

  • Shopping platforms

  • Specialty platforms

  • Basics of conversion optimization

Understanding website structure (Week 2-3)
  • Basic webpage structures

  • Key elements of every website

  • Buttons

  • Typography

  • Media elements

  • Components

  • Styling basics

  • Layout basics

  • Advanced layouts

  • Responsive design

  • CMS & dynamic content

  • Connecting and redirecting URLS

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Image by KOBU Agency
Being a Webdesign Expert (Week 4)
  • Testing your website

  • Best Practices

  • Metatag data

  • Items to look out for 

  • Advanced layout

  • Mobile-first design

  • Responsive containers

  • Media queries

  • Responsive navigation

  • Page structure

  • Widgets

  • Creating better calls to action

  • A/B testing & ongoing optimization

  • Measuring the right metrics

Website Psychology (week 5)
  • Basic consumer psychology and how to take advantage of it with design choices

  • Create a dynamic landing page for marketing content

  • Understanding page layout and the human eye

  • Desktop vs mobile experience

  • Understanding the psychology of fonts

  • Graphic and object layout

  • Webdesign color theory

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Image by Christopher Gower
The Project Process (Week 6)
  • Vetting your project /clients

  • Setting expectations

  • Asset collection

  • Understanding your workflow process

  • Contracts

  • Signoffs and revisions

  • Handoffs

  • Working with other experts

Web Design and Development Practice (Week 7)
  • Your design style and vision

  • Choosing the right platform to specialize in

  • Understanding your client's psychographics

  • Style vs. Audience Niche

  • Add ons and repeat work

  • Contracts

  • Pricing that is right for you

  • The little details your client will love 

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Image by Austin Distel
Image by Ben Kolde
Image by Christopher Gower

Real World Business

During this section, we will be working with “real” clients with their strategy presentations happening during Jury class at the end of each two weeks.

  • Building a personal brand website (Weeks 8-9)

  • Designing a service-based website (Weeks 10-12)

  • Creating a community and ecourse structured experience (Weeks 13-14)

  • Building a small business website (Weeks 15-16)

  • Creating an industry leader website (Weeks 17-18)

  • Designing your online portfolio (Weeks 18-20)

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