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Welcome to the Victor + Valor™ family. We are excited to support you in living the American dream - entrepreneurialism. As a Victor + Valor™ client, you will receive the top-level branding and marketing assets needed to grow your business in addition to one-on-one mentorship support, professional and personal development series designed to prepare you for the mental and relational opportunities that will arise. 

In addition to these top-notch deliverables, you will have access to the entire Victor + Valor™ community, including our online resources, mastermind and mentorship groups, branding/marketing consultations, and asset creations.

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Scope of Work

The specific deliverables currently being slated for  your brand are noted in your brand agreement. A copy of your brand agreement can be found in your inbox.

A list of all deliverables we offer can be found here. 

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want to apply for your business to receive brand deliverables?

Then set up your entry meeting with the Victor + Valor™ team.

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