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your American dream team

Welcome to the Victor + Valor™ family. We are excited to support you in living the American dream - entrepreneurialism.

We do this with our online community, mastermind, and mentorship groups led by industry experts and successful entrepreneurs in their own rights,  branding/marketing consultations, and asset creations, to training these fantastic people in sought-after marketing careers. As a Victor + Valor™ consulting client, we want to know you, your goals, your business, and your vision. Our job is to support you in seeing where/how you can make your dreams a reality.

Scope of work

Consultations are about bringing industry expertise to your business. Together you and your industry expert will create a game plan of what tasks/ideas you should execute first. Once you complete the three agreed-upon tasks to the level of quality agreed to, you can schedule another consultation. 


We are so excited to support you in your entrepreneurial journey. We look forward to celebrating your success soon.

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Looking for some more business support?

Then set up your entry meeting with the Victor + Valor™ team.

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