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Unicorns are not real

There are those rare brands that can hit the marketplace with hope and prayer and make it big. But for most businesses, that is a recipe for failure, not success. Proper branding and marketing strategies and implementation are essential for any business's short as well as long-term success. But it doesn’t come cheap.

real world numbers

Though our services are free, they aren't inferior. Our services on average would real world, retail at. 

  • Professional Training $43k per student 

  • Asset Creation /Deliverables $12-50k per business

  • Membership $5k a year per member

Yet through strategic partnerships, amazing volunteers, and savvy budgeting, we deliver elite quality services, education, deliverables, and community for a fraction of the real-world cost.

  • Professional Training $10k per student

  • Asset Creation /Deliverables $4-6k per business

  • Membership $250 a year per member

Victor + Valor  Donation Onboarding .png

Why these numbers matter:

  • We don’t offer inferior services. We bring our best, neuro-smart, and award-winning work to every client we serve because they gave their best. 

  • Because we want to pay our Victor + Valor professional certification graduates fair compensation when they come on board after graduation. Because yes, our graduates are best suited to serve their fellow brethren. 

  • So that when the brands we serve now no longer qualify for our services (you can’t make more than $250,000 per year gross to receive consulting and deliverable services), they understand the real-world value of our work and the work they will continue to need moving their brands forward

Partners Are Powerful

By financially partnering with us on a monthly or one-time basis you are quite literally not just changing the lives of the active duty/retired military that we serve. You are changing the lives of their partners, kids, community, and futures because when we can build a financially strong business, we build strong people.

Have our 6 Because We Have Yours

With our 3 monthly partnership levels you can help build the new lives, dreams, and careers of the men and women who have sacrificed the most for our communities and country at large.

With your donation at any level, (E2, E5, or E8) you will help to continue to

  • Provide free monthly trainings and business resources,

  • Free branding/marketing consultations with some of the world's leading branding/marketing experts, 

  • Provide 24/7/365 chaplain support for all members.

  • Free branding, marketing, product development, and social media deliverables such as websites, packaging design, marketing campaigns, video series, and so much more

  • Professional trainings to start a new career in the marketing and branding industries.

  • E2

    Every month
    With Your Monthly Donation You Are:
    • Providing free monthly trainings and business resources
    • Free branding/marketing consultations with industry experts
    • Provide 24/7/365 chaplain support for all members
  • Most Popular


    Every month
    By Partnering With Us You Are Providing:
    • Free branding and marketing deliverables, ie websites, etc
    • Professional guidance every step of the way
    • Access to industry leading mentors and masterclasses
  • E8

    Every month
    With Your Monthly Partnership You:
    • Provide professional career training
    • Unlimited support fbefore, during, & after working together
    • Support military & families in living the American Dream

For people, companies, and foundations who want to support our work and these amazing people in a big way, we offer our E-010 Club for donations over 100,000 (USD) in one year or seven-plus figure donations pledged over five years.


As part of the E-010 Club, we create a personalized acknowledgment you want. From being a branded sponsor of our professional training series to being tagged in all of our social media content, to a simple thank you card sharing the excellent work your donation has created - as part of the E-010 Club. We want you to know that by you playing all in; we can play on a more extensive level serving these amazing men, women, and their businesses.

Be Part of the E-010 Club

Or Make a one time donation

One-time donations can be made online via the form or donations can also be mailed to:

4500 Williams Dr Ste212-421

Georgetown, TX 78628

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